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Prof . G S Sheeri

a.      The students were introduced initially through Business statistics, production and Operation management and Operations Research courses. They were introduced to formulation of problems as mathematical models and use concepts to find solutions for decision making in functional areas of management.

b.      Many of the students are poor in basic mathematical operations, myself engaged the separate classes for the students one whoever weak in same and also took personal care one to one, beginning from basics and made best efforts to build confidence of students one who is weak in the subjects.

c.       I engaged the online classes for second semester during lockdown period, and to overcome some of the barriers of online classes, I given the scanned notes and supplementary videos reference to make the effective learning of the subject.

d.      Students were allotted to conduct presentation on “ Production process “, and case analysis on ergonomics & Productivity and with good number of examples , students were made to understand subject and to use concepts in manufacturing and service sector.

e.      Students are encouraged join some online courses to enhance their skills during lockdown period. 



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