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Dr. Rajendra Prasad

a.      The students in first semester were introduced to various marketing concepts. The lecture method was used as it is more useful in imparting the concepts. The students were given multiple assignments to check the conceptual knowledge and also they were checked on implementing skills of conceptual knowledge. The students were assigned a project on research. The students were asked to identify marketing problems and do mini research project. The students’ understanding was also verified by viva voce.

b.      The marketing students were exposed to concepts of Branding, Advertising and International marketing at a different level. The students were made to not only understand the concepts but also oriented to analyze and implement them. The students were involved more in active discussions; more thought provoking questions were posed to students.

c.       The students were given more scope for self learning and experiential learning. The assignments thrown to students were not only to check the knowledge but also check the analytical and creative skills. The students were given assignments to identify the functioning of advertising agencies, identify the top global brands and comment on its success, Creation of advertisements, Identifying the global products. The students were also given scope on discussions on data (Qualitative and Quantitative) which was self generated in the classroom by their input. The qualitative parameters were identified on Brand preference/Loyalty, Global products and brands etc. The perception matrix was prepared in the class only using quantitative data from students input.



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